Our Leadership

11416381_10153886060555130_2535956194233198134_oClint and Yolande Akins

Clint Akins is a native of Fort Walton Beach.  He is a Vietnam Veteran and lived and served in Madagascar as a missionary for 24 years.  He has pastored 2 other churches before being commissioned by CBF to begin Seeker Fellowship.

Seeker Fellowship is Clint’s vision for a Christ-Centered, Progressive, and Cross-cultural community of faith in Fort Walton Beach.

Yolande is from Madagascar where she met Clint. They have a blended family of four children (and three grand-children) each making their unique contribution to God’s world.

14224748_10157477404640204_8731372938223320869_nKenny and Kim Phillips

Kenny is also a native of Fort Walton Beach, a surfer, a building contractor, a missionary making trips to Haiti, Madagascar, Greek Islands, and Mexico.

Kenny initiated the ministry to the homeless through First Baptist Church, Fort Walton Beach.

Kim teaches in our local school system.

Clint and Kenny have known each other since they were children and were both converted to Christ through the ministry of First Baptist Church, Fort Walton Beach.

JPQuigley01Jimmy and Pam Quigley

Jimmy Quigley is also a native of Fort Walton Beach.  His father was the long-time pastor of Ocean City Baptist Church (now Ocean City Church).  Jimmy is also a Vietnam vet and admits that Waffle House morning coffee helped him treat his PTSD.

Pam is also an FWB native and works for a DoD contract agency.